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American Roll-Up Doors design team can help you design your dock or warehouse by either working with your Architect to create your project from the ground up, or by helping you replace and retrofit an existing dock entrance. We work with the best products in the industry to make your dock and warehouse safeenergy efficient, and operationally smooth.

Safety starts with keeping your docks and warehouse opening secure. Whether you need an insulated door to keep that Florida heat out of your Air Conditioned warehouse, or you need a high speed door or a fire door, we have every door product to fit your needs and keep your employees and products safe and secure.

We know docks can be dangerous places to work and safety equipment is a must. Our restraints keep trucks in place so that loading and unloading is safe for everyone on the dock. We also have aftermarket products to save money and make your dock more energy efficient. Our LED lights and fans can keep your docks and warehouse cooler in the hot Florida summers.

Another way to keep your products safe from the heat is our dock seals and shelters. Florida heat and humidity can damage products in no time, not to mention what it does to your energy consumption. Dock seals keep out the elements and save money. If you don’t need the seal, but need to keep out the rain, a dock shelter is the answer.

Finally, loading and unloading products can be a headache if you don’t have the right dock leveler. We have the right one for your dock needs. Whether you need a mechanical one, a hydraulic, or a specialty one, our design team can help you select the right one.